The most important part of learning is:
Learner values. If you can’t make the case that the learning merits attention, there’s no reason for the learner to commit.

The most overrated trend in L&D is:
Gamification. The notion that all learners are motivated by competition is misguided, and even those who are find many of our “gamified” solutions laughable.

The most underrated trend in L&D is:
Effortless access. Every extra click, every extra step, is a nuisance that we can’t afford. It’s easy to say that the learner should just power through. In a world where the learner will not (i.e., the world in which we actually live), we have to take responsibility for reducing friction.

Learning is essential to an organization because:
Complacency kills. Market share doesn’t shift in increments anymore. It flows in waves. Devoting time to learning when things are going well is how organizations stay agile enough to respond swiftly to challenges.

The biggest misconception about our industry is:
That we’re a luxury rather than a necessity.

I got into the L&D space because:
Even small successes can have enormous impact.