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Future Leader Fundamentals™
Your most promising future leaders work for you now.
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earning & Development leaders from around the world tell us that preparing the next generation of leaders may be the most important mission they have today. They need leaders who can inspire confidence, drive innovation, and engage teams.

The most critical pivot point on your company’s future is the moment individual contributors step on the leadership ladder.
You’re not about to let them sink or swim on their own at this point. Here is where L&D potentially has the most impact on corporate agility and success. Why?
  • You’re building your company’s future leadership team – with strong, high potential contributors.
  • You’re reinforcing the goals and aspirations of your best team members.
  • You’re creating a skills and knowledge foundation for the company’s next generation of leaders.
  • You’re impacting company agility and productivity today…and long into the future.
Keeping it Real – Learning that is engaging and relevant

Effective leaders need both knowledge and skills – wrapped in a context that gives them immediate relevance and power.

Future Leader Fundamentals™ is anchored in Bellevue University’s long and successful history of creating knowledge-empowering, skillful, confidence-boosting learning programs for adult learners.

Future Leader Fundamentals learning programs are at work in Fortune 500™ companies throughout the U.S. today. Our process for designing and deploying the learning programs helps assure the outcomes our clients are looking for.

Future Leader Fundamentals™

  1. Articulate Business Goals

    Our research and experience tells us that leadership is defined many ways. What are your looking for? Most Future Leader Fundamentals programs are designed to turn strong individual contributors into dynamic front-line leaders. Your business goals may include stronger departmental results, reduced turn-over, or better customer service scores.

  2. Assess knowledge and skills gaps

    No one has time to spend rehashing what they already know or are good at. Especially today. That’s why we start with a gap analysis that tells us exactly what to include in your FLF learning program.

  3. Deploy learning

    Online, self-paced, instructor-led…boot camp, training program series, for-credit, non-credit…the form of the learning program makes little difference to us. We create the type of program that best meets your goals, your culture and your employee preferences.

    What does make a difference is that the learning supports your business and learning goals. That’s why we start with your business goals, your culture, and your employee needs.

    You may want to start with one of our current programs from our catalog of FLF learning – or you may opt for a custom-designed program exclusively for your initiative.

  4. Measure results

    How did we do against the business goals outlined at the start? It’s important to know. That’s where our Human Capital Lab™ comes in. Their outcomes research has been instrumental in understanding the link between learning and business results – and in building in increased effectiveness.

Real Life Outcomes
“After completing our Future Leader Fundamentals program, I was given a troubled department to manage. Within 6 months, I was able to turn it around. Now – 2 years later – it’s one of our top-producing departments company-wide!”
Real Learning for Real Life
Bellevue University was founded more than 50 years ago to serve adult learners, including members of the U.S. military stationed at the U.S. Strategic Command, five miles from our campus. Over the past 50 years, we’ve become known experts in serving the needs of motivated adult learners. Our expertise is summed up in our promise: Real Learning for Real Life.

It includes curriculum that is current and relevant to workplace requirements, learning delivery that is engaging and effective, and outcomes that are confidence and knowledge building.

Real Life Outcomes
“I was able to use what I learned the very next day at work…and my manager began to take notice.”
Real Learning for Real Life makes your workforce – and therefore, your company – dynamic and agile, so you are prepared to take on competitive challenges, regardless of how people change, the company changes or the world changes.
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A non-profit university, Bellevue University is accredited by The Higher Learning Commission (hlcommission.org), a regional accreditation agency recognized by the U.S. Department of Education.

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