Small Bites - Joseph South answers our rapid-fire questions
The most important part of learning is:
Empowering the learner. They should be in the driver’s seat and we should be their GPS.
The most important part of learning
The most overrated trend in L&D is:
Immersive technology. Yes, there are places where it’s exactly the right solution, but there are many more when it’s just an expensive distraction.
The most underrated trend in L&D is:
Curation. Most of the time, the right stuff is out there already and it needs to be discovered, targeted and tailored to the learning need.
The most underrated trend in L&D
Learning is essential to an organization because:
Our work isn’t static and neither are we. When everything is changing all the time around you, learning is the only way you can thrive in that environment.
The biggest industry misconception is:
That it’s fundamentally about compliance and that it’s a necessary evil. It’s really up to us to prove otherwise.
I got into the L&D space because:
I believe that we can be so much more than we are. And most of us just don’t know where to start. I want to be a person who can help others find their path.