Small Bites - Akiba Smith-Francis answers our rapid-fire questions.
The most important part of learning is:
To give yourself permission to get things wrong and try again.
The most overrated trend in learning and development is:
The increased use of technology for learning. I’ve never heard of anyone saying they’ve really learned from an online presentation or interactive webinar.
The most overrated trend in learning and development
Learning is essential to an organization because:
The world is changing so quickly that it’s impossible to predict what you’ll need to be an expert in. Developing the meta skill of how you learn is critical.
The biggest industry misconception is:
That professional development can somehow be separated or carved out from personal development. We’re human beings who cannot help but bring our whole selves to work. Organizations need to be willing to engage with employees as such.
I got into the learning and development space because:
Helping people achieve their potential, achieve more than they thought they could, is incredibly rewarding.