Small Bites - Megan Torrance answers our rapid-fire questions.
The most important part of learning
The most important part of learning is:
Reflection, synthesis, applying in new ways. This is how you know you’ve “got it” — not a multiple-choice post-test.
The most overrated trend in L&D is:
I’m going to get myself in trouble with good friends and colleagues here … microlearning and gamification (yes, both!). These are incredibly powerful techniques that are ready to be worked into our “normal” routines for creating great learning experiences instead of thinking of them as buzzwords or something new.
The most overrated trend in L&D
Learning is essential to an organization because:
As an officer at the recent NATO Training Technology Conference told me, without people and training “this is just a $1.5 billion hunk of metal and computers.”
The biggest industry misconception is:
That measuring training is sufficient. In order to know if training is working, we need to be measuring results instead. The metrics of our success are outside the L&D space.