Small Bites - Christyl Murray answers our rapid-fire questions
The most important part of learning is:
The transfer of knowledge that allows you to apply learning back to your work, and the support of a “learning culture” that encourages ongoing learning and the sharing and application of new knowledge and skills.
The most important part of learning
Learning is essential to an organization because:
The pace of change and technological advancement is swift. Organizations must innovate and adapt and this is only facilitated by having top talent that is nimble and educated.
The biggest industry misconception
The biggest industry misconception is:
That virtual learning is not as effective and engaging. When L&D professionals leverage technology and the learning is strategically designed, learners are engaged, connected and can even benefit from different levels of engagement not enjoyed in the classroom, such as connecting with colleagues from other offices and in different parts of the world.
I got into the L&D space because:
It’s in my blood. I grew up in a family that valued learning; I was raised by a grandmother who was an educator and a mother who obtained her MBA at night.